For some years now, Acea has implemented and regularly updated a number of Qualification Systems81 for suppliers of works, commodities and services: companies wishing to be included are required to comply with general requirements established by niche legislation (so-called “moral requirements”) and the special requirements (technical and quality-related) established for each system and described in the respective Qualification Regulations. The requirements of a moral nature established by Law include compliance with legal obligations concerning the payment of duties, taxes and social security contributions for employees (confirmed by a DURC – Documento Unico di Regolarità Contributiva – Tax Compliance Certificate) and compliance with laws on safety and any other obligations concerning employer-employee relations. The special requirements include possession of an apposite Corporate Quality System Certificate, in compliance with UNI EN standards, also when not compulsory to the effects and purposes of current laws.
All Qualification Systems established in Acea are extremely high-powered as companies can subscribed to the Register at any time by forwarding an application and relative documentation and companies can be suspended from the Register in the event of failure to comply with any of the established requirements.
The requirements concerning Companies already included in Acea Qualification Systems are automatically updated and checked.

The Qualification Systems established by Acea are as follows:

  1. Qualification System for companies carrying out works – energy sector (networks, rooms and public and artistic lighting, district heating)82
  2. a Qualification System for companies carrying out works – water sector, 2009 edition (water and sewage networks; aqueduct pipes and main sewages; drinking water supply wells)
  3. a Qualification System for works – electromechanical water sector (mechanical system, electricity systems, telecommunications and automation systems)
  4. a Qualification System for motor pump supplies
  5. a Qualification System for electric cable supplies
  6. a Qualification System for transformer supplies.

The new regulations for the Qualification System for Works – Water Sector was published in July 2009, following which applications for renewal from qualified companies and a large number of new applications for registration arrived, leading to 106 companies registered with the System by 31 December 2009 (88 the year before). The Qualification System for Works in the Electromechanical Water Sector established in 2008 also received new applications, increasing from 11 companies to 28 as at 31/12/2009.
In relation to the Qualification System Works – Energy Sector (42 companies registered as at 31/12/2009), the validity of which has been extended to the beginning of 2010 due to review of the relative Regulations, performance assessments for contractors in relation to quality and safety continued through Vendor rating (see box).
Furthermore, in December 2009, Acea Distribuzione drew up and adopted a Policy for Health and Safety in the Workplace as a further step forward towards implementing a System to manage health and safety

81 The Regulations for all Acea Qualification System are available online at, Suppliers section
82 The System was updated in 2010 and involves signing the Policy for Health and Safety in the Workplace as a condition for acceptance.

in the workplace according to recommendations in Standard OHSAS:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series), which is due for completion by the end of 2010. In line with the commitment made by the company to ensure that every employee of the Company or Contractors can carry out their jobs safely,
with a suitable level of training/information and specific roles and responsibilities, the Policy for Health and Safety in the Workplace was widely distributed and published on the corporate website, Suppliers section.

Finally, companies have only registered with two of the three Qualification Systems for commodities established in 2008 – for supplies of electric cables, transformers and motor pumps. There were 7 companies on the Register for electric cable supplies and 3 companies for transformer supplies as at 31 December 2009.

Box – Policy for Health and Safety in the Workplace on the Acea Website: Suppliers Section

Dear Company, ACEA DISTRIBUZIONE S.P.A. would hereby like to inform you that it has adopted a Safety Management System designed and developed according to International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series). For this purpose, ACEA DISTRUZIONE S.P.A. Top Management has draw up “Health and Safety in the Workplace Policy” and has decided to diffuse such among employees, suppliers and visitors of ACEA DISTRIBUZIONE S.P.A.

Please read this Policy carefully and ensure it is diffused throughout your Company.

Box – Vendor Rating: Improved “Indicator of Reputation” for Companies in Terms of Quality and Safety

The Vendor rating system implemented the year before was further extended in 2009. The system for assessing the performances of contractors operating in the energy sector was perfected with cooperation from the Center of Advanced Procurement at “Tor Vergata” University in Rome, processes the information concerning 135 quality and safety parameters deriving from site inspection and turns thee into an “Indicator of Reputation” (IR).
This IR is entered as an additional parameter for awarding contracts and favours companies with the highest safety and quality standards. The Acea Distribuzione “Site Inspection” Team carried out around 2,000 inspections between 2008 and 2009 (927 in 2008 and 1,027 in 2009). The average Indicator of Reputation for companies increased from a value of between 30 and 40 – at the beginning of the project – to almost 90 at the end of 2009, a truly important improvement.
The system is therefore proving that it can improve the reliability of companies, thereby positively affecting the entire supply chain.