Consolidated External Costs

Acea Group consolidated external costs in 2009 amounted to 2,106 billion euro, 7.2% lower than the 2,268 billion in 2008.
This difference is mainly due to a reduction in energy, gas and fuel costs (-174.7 million euro with respect to last year) – linked to volumes and price trends – which affect the overall amount for external costs the most (77.4% in 2009). The item “energy, gas and fuel” illustrates the trend in energy procurement costs on
the protected and free market
(amounting to 1.186 billion euro) both decreased with respect to the year before (see Table 41), whereas the cost for buying gas for resale increased by 5.8%, amounting to 259.7 million euro (with respect to 245.5 million in 2008).
The decrease in energy procurement costs on the protected and deregulated markets should also be viewed taking into account the particular economic situation in Italy and consequent fall in demand for energy; in fact, the amount of energy sold and overall margin from selling electricity decreased, although remaining
in line with the trend commencing upon deregulation of the electricity market, confirming a slight decline in the number of customers on the protected market and a considerable rise in the number of customers on the deregulated market (see Customers and the Community).


(in millions of euro)
2007 2008 2009
protected market
325.9 324.5 281.7
deregulated and safeguarded market
844.1 981.2 905.2