Customers and the community

Reference Scope
The economic figures (revenues) mentioned in this section were calculated according to the Group’s Consolidated Financial Statements and therefore refer to consolidation; the figures concerning perceived quality, quality provided, customer care and communications refer to the operational companies mentioned case by case.

The information concerning relations between Acea, customers and the community are provided together as the information concerning services provided refer to an area (Rome and relative province) in which the Stakeholders almost coincide27.
The description of revenues from each segment in the energy and water supply chains – deriving from the Consolidated Financial Statement – and relating to customers for the electricity and water service refer to a wider catchment area.

27 Most of the information refers to end users of the services in Rome and county. The Integrated Water Service is run by Acea Ato 2 in ATO 2 - Central Lazio (comprising Rome and 111 other Municipalities). With regard to electricity, although deregulation ensures that customers are entitled to purchase energy from a different supplier, distribution (including almost all the quality elements of the service supplied) is the responsibility of Acea, which is also
responsible for public lighting. Therefore, customers and the community are practically one and the same in this particular area. As far as the other areas in which Acea operates via subsidiary companies are concerned – especially for the Integrated Water Service - reference should be made to the section Company Fact Sheets Italy-Overseas.