The “2009 PIMBY Award” for San Vittore for the EALL SpA Waste-To-Energy Plant

The PIMBY Association ( Please In My Back Yard) was established in 2007 and awards local Administrations that encourage sustainability. The objective of this award is to capitalize on the experience Administrations that choose to carry out works while upholding the wishes of the community.
San Vittore del Lazio also received an award for expansion of the Waste-To-Energy Plant owned by A.R.I.A. Group company EALL (100% owned by Acea) for the “Waste Management” category.
This Waste-To-Energy project – currently with output of 10 MWe – involves improving the station with two new 13 MWe lines and renovating the existing line. The overall potential for waste disposal will reach 300,000 tons per year of WDF (Waste- Derived Fuel) and sewage from Acea Ato2 treatment plants.
Once this work is completed, the plant will cover 30-40% of overall waste disposal capacity for the Lazio region.
In order to ensure involvement from stakeholders, the Municipality of San Vittore established an agreement with the University of Cassino to support debates and technical procedures with EALL technicians and thereby share decisions concerning station planning, building and management and assess proposals for improvements to further limit impact on the environment. The town council also met with the community and accepted the issues raised, supporting these during project examination and authorization procedure, up to conclusion of the process at the Service Conference at Lazio Regional Council for issue of Integrated Environmental Authorization.