“Sustainable Development” of the Electricity Network

Municipality of Rome, Lazio Regional Council, Terna SpA, the Regional Agency for Veio Park, Romanatura and Acea Distribuzione SpA signed a Protocol of Intent to reorganize the electricity network. Since then, design and planning of operations for a vast area in the province of Rome, including 11 protected natural areas and relative procedures for obtaining permits commenced.
Works shall commence in 2010 and involve installation of 123 km of new overhead and demolishing and laying 388 km of sections of overhead lines underground (96 km to be laid underground and 292 km to be demolished).
This project will improve network safety and therefore improve the quality and continuity in the supply of electricity, as well as reduce losses by around 58 million kWh/year and emissions by around 26,000 t of CO2/year.
This project is of great environmental importance: less CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere and the impacts from electricity infrastructures on the natural environment will be considerably reduced. In fact, as mentioned earlier, these works will involve a number of protected natural areas – including the Decima Malafede natural reserve, the Regional Veio Park, the Roman Coast natural reserve –.once the relative Authorities issue the permits required, according to a procedure specifically designed to ensure these areas are preserved. Around 138 km of overhead lines will be laid underground/demolished in these protected areas, thereby “freeing” around 300 hectares of land from infrastructures (equal to 750 football fields) and new installations (around 76km) shall be new supports with a lower visible impact than traditional ones and probably a lower impact on birdlife.
The overall project is expected to ensure extensive recovery of materials: 3,000 tons of steel, 440 tons of aluminium, 90 tons of glass and 3,000 tons of cement.