Carbon Disclosure Project: Acea Performances under Observation

For the last ten years, a group of institutional investors has carried out annual research into the leading international Utilities in order to assess their ability to manage risks and the potential opportunities deriving from climate changes and thereby channel investments to the most proactive companies.
This project is known as Carbon Disclosure Project” (CDP)102 and Acea has taken part for many years, providing all the information required.
The companies involved in the CDP Project undergo assessment of environmental economic performances, according to the EVA - Economic Value Added produced in a year, which is decreased to take into account external effects caused by CO2 emissions, in other words the hidden costs paid by the community due to negative effects on the environment (climate change).
The responsible conduct of the Group has ensured that results have always been very positive and, according to the latest report available103 published in 2009, Acea was the best Utility in Europe, especially in terms of specific CO2 emissions (t CO2/turnover in euro).