Mutual Settlement in Acea: an Extra Tool for Consumers

A protocol for mutual settlement and implementation Regulations were signed with the leading Consumer Associations in Lazio registered with the National Board of Consumers and Users in May 2009.
Settlement is offered to customers free of charge and is a voluntary and rapid out of court procedure for settling controversies without legal proceedings.In the event that the parties settle, this procedure ends with mutual agreement on a settlement, thereby ensuring benefits in terms of time, costs and – above all – results.
This initiative involves Acea Ato 2 and Acea Ato 5 for the water sector and AceaElectrabel Elettricità for the electricity sector and their respective customers in Lazio, represented and supported by the selected Consumer Association.
These subjects actively participate in applying settlement, thereby qualifying this procedure as it is the parties involved that act to find mutually satisfying agreements on equal footing.
The signed agreement is unusual as it gives Acea and Consumer Associations the chance to jointly agree to make any changes considered appropriate to making this procedure more effective once the 12 months initially established to experiment this procedure expire.
The corporate websites provide all the documentation required to ensure that customers can use this settlement procedure.This experience of defining the Protocol was presented at the Ethics and Company Award.