The CEEP-CSR Label Awarded to Acea

Acea received the “CEEP-CSR Label” in October 2009 for its commitment to social and environmental responsibility 2009-2010.
This important acknowledgement supported by the European Commission is awarded by CEEP (European Centre for Public Utilities Companies) to companies that distinguish themselves in applying European standards for corporate social responsibility and voluntarily apply social and environmental standards in their work.
Fifteen European companies received this award (out of 400 participants), 4 of which were Italian. The CEEP Scientific Committee, which includes representatives from UNO, the EU Commission and OECD awarded Acea this prestigious label following detailed analysis based on 63 criteria and examination of a number of parameters for individual activities.
The elements that were particularly appreciated included adoption of a Code of Ethics and commitment to the Code for Self-discipline for listed companies advocated by the Italian Stock Exchange to implement a governance model based on the principles of transparency and balance between management and control; the effective initiatives advocated by Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici in relation to saving energy and renewable sources and establishment of Acea8cento, which oversees Acea call centers and remote contact centers. With regard to Acea8cento, in addition to results concerning the quality and quantity of customer services, the integration and constant training of staff previously employed by outsourcers was assessed positively.