Earthquake Emergency in Abruzzo: Volunteers from Acea Distribuzione and Acea Ato 2 alongside the Department for Civil Protection

Further to the devastating earthquake that hit the area of L’Aquila in Abruzzo on 6 April 2009 causing over 300 victims and terrible damage to buildings in the numerous municipalities in the area of the epicentre, Acea Distribuzione and Acea Ato 2 received a request from the Operational Command and Control Division of the Department for Civil Defence and promptly acted through an operation amounting to 160,000 euro, providing manpower and materials to send tankers and containers with water services and installing electricity systems in the shelters hosting thousands of evacuees from areas at risk.
More specifically, Acea Distribuzione technicians and engineers checked the electricity in the operating shelters, designed the systems to install in the 8 shelters without electricity, outlined a plan of action, transferred materials and carried out the necessary work. The inevitable difficulties in logistics – roads interrupted, high locations of sites, constant bad weather and repeated tremors of a lower entity – were overcome by operating without a solution for continuity, with a base in Rome and daily transferral of the teams involved comprising Acea Distribuzione technicians and other resources from Cebat Srl, further supported by a number of elements from the 11th Batallion of Pioneers from the Engineer Corps present on site, for a total of 20 men. Over the space of 9 days, electricity systems were installed on tent sites in Collepietro, Castel del Monte, Ofena, Navelli, Villa S. Lucia, S. Benedetto in Perillis, Capestrano and Bussi sul Tirino, essential for ensuring light and heat to the evacuees, supplying 156 field tents, 3 toilets, a marquee to be used as a general hall and a container for storing food. These operations involved laying around 12 km of cables and installing 20 supply boxes and 180 differential magnetothermal switches to protect the lines.
The efficiency and skill of the work carried out by Acea Distribuzione and Acea Ato 2 was particularly appreciated and, in March 2010, received a “Friendship Award” from Rome City Council, which every year awards initiatives to help the community.