2009 Activities by the Acea Committee for Africa

The Acea Committee for Africa supports solidarity projects proposed by employees with cooperation from humanitarian organizations, involving initiatives – often small projects to be implemented in Africa – related to traditional corporate water and energy activities which are funded through donations made by current and retired employees integrated by an amount from the Company.
In 2009, the 12 projects were funded thanks to donations of around 138,000 euro, materials and technical staff sent by the Company.
This ensured that the following were carried out:
  • a technical-craft school in Kenya (Luce Universale Onlus)
  • a well for drinking water in the village of Ndabiane in Senegal (La gabbianella Onlus)
  • a well for drinking water in the region of Dakar (Senegal), particularly affected by drought (Radici d’Amore Onlus)
  • wells for drinking water for the children in a number of villages in Cameroon (European Movement)
  • a well for drinking water with plastic tank for an orphanage in Kenya (Anlaids Lazio)
  • restoring a hydroelectric station in Congo (Peacelink)
  • a swimming pool for disabled children in Burundi (Le opere del padre Onlus)
  • a well for drinking water and a medical dispensary in Burkina Faso (Arcobaleno Onlus)
  • 5 wells for drinking water in Burkina Faso (12 scatti Onlus)
  • a well for drinking water and toilets for a rural community in Ethiopia (ActionAid Italia Onlus).

And the following were sent:

  • technical materials and installers to build an outpatients’ clinic in Burkina Faso (Progetto famiglia Onlus)
  • 20 electricity meters and impulse counters to Sudan (Opere San Francesco Saverno).