100 Years of Acea

The Company celebrated 100 years of business in 2009 – a century in which Acea played a fundamental role in the development and well-being of the community by providing such essential public services as water, electricity and public lighting.
The Company decided to highlight this event and involve the community in which it has operated for the longest in a series of initiatives: Rome. Acea for Rome was the name of a research project for which Istituto CeSAR was appointed to analyze both the past history of the company and its prospects for development and led to a publication sent to the main institutional stakeholders.
Acea also revamped the logo used throughout the year in all institutional communications, including 2009 and reference to 100 years of business and created a special website for the Centenary (www.centenario.acea.it), filled with unpublished photographic material to recount the history, leading players and activities that have characterized the Company throughout this century; the site also presented a project for a historical archive and celebration dates.
The first edition of a new corporate magazine – Aceamagazine – was also dedicated to this event and made available outside the company: a special edition entitled Rome’s water and lights – Stories and memories of 100 years of Acea’s activities and the Festival of water and energy, created by Valerio Festi and held in Piazza del Popolo, in the heart of the city centre, which was attended by over 100,000 people.
Finally, black and white photographs taken by Luciano Viti in emblematic parts of the Capital were used in the publicity campaign carried out by Publicis: these images focussed on people and their vitality, their passion, their strength. This is the world with which Acea has made a strong bond – a one hundred year-long bond -, a concept which is emphasized by use of the logo’s brackets around the people, by the headlines and by the pay off: “Acea. Your world is at the centre of ours”. At the end of the year, by way of celebrating Christmas, the last event held was devised by Studio Livia Cannella and involved projecting Christmas trees on the facade of Piramide Cestia, near Acea’s Head Office: A tree a day for 10 days to celebrate 100 years of Acea.