AltaFedeltà Competition Ends: over 1,600 Winners Awarded by Acea Ato 2

Acea Ato 2 launched the AltaFedeltà competition in September 2008 in order to raise the awareness of Rome water service customers.
This initiative ended in July 2009 and was supported by a campaign entitled “You are the source of a better service”. It aimed to encourage customers to behave responsibly by persuading them to use the tools provided by the company – website, online counter, free-phone number, online payment – for active management of customer relations and awarding those that responded to this appeal.
The project was constantly monitored, from publication of the initiative up to its final results. There was a considerable change in the number of registrations with the online counter from the beginning to the end of the competition – from 2,683 to 12,452 subscribers in July 2009, an increase of over 364%.Finally, the initiative led to an initial increase in virtuous behaviour by customers: 707 customers declined hard copies of bills (this figure was 145 in August 2008) and authorized direct debit for bills, thereby ensuring prompt payment, while 3,942 meter readings were made online (this figure was 155 in August 2008).
The number of customers awarded by Altafedeltà (with low energy consumption electrical appliances,energy-saving equipment, bonuses for renovating and making apartment buildings compliant) amounted to over 1,600: 106 administrators, 40 apartment buildings 1,500 households.
On the whole, this initiative proved to encourage customers to act more responsibly both with respect to using water resources (monitoring consumption) and using the service (acting correctly towards company in terms of billing and payment). Finally, the “AltaFeldeltà” competition was presented at the eighth edition of the Sodalitas Social Award due to its stakeholder engagement.