“Light Plan” for Rome

Rome City Council and Acea top management decided to promptly assess the roads or sections of roads without lighting in Rome. The Company therefore sent Rome City Council a study identifying 1,800 km of unlit road - 3,800 streets - and the most critical areas in December 2009 to thereby establish the guidelines for designing and planning future development programmes.
A project entitled “Light Plan” was therefore drawn up and presented during a joint press conference by Acea and Rome City Council towards the end of the year, aiming to install 30,000 LED lights by the end of 2015, thereby doubling Acea’s current production capacity. The Plan will be implemented through investments of around 110 million euro and will require over 2,000 projects to light 850 km of roads, with forecast savings of 5,000 t of CO2. A considerable number of projects and new installations have already been established for 2010.