Progress in the “Road Map Project”: Quality-related Strategy

The “Road Map Project” established by an Acea Distribuzione inhouse team in 2007 focuses on improving electricity supply continuity and comprises various stages, each of which involves specific targets in terms of quality and quantity to be reached by streamlining management and carrying out specific technical works.
The first stage was implemented in 2008 and focussed on management and procedures through technical improvements to medium voltage networks to improve service reliability, progress in the MV network remote control system, installation of special monitoring and safety devices in stations, etc.
In 2009, further to an additional review of this project in view of the targets reached and those to achieve, much attention was paid to involving and training staff (in addition to organizing a specific corporate masters programme, a number of general meetings were held to share the contents and targets of this project with staff and a publication was made; see also Human Resources - Training). The technical works carried out included plans to improve the low voltage grid for 2009-2011, creation of a back-up grid remote control system, drawing up of new emergency procedures and review of processes to focus on overall quality, standardization and re-engineering IT systems to ensure ongoing improvement and teamwork.
Further to the work carried out, which was expected to provide benefits in terms of both recovering service continuity and reducing the number or repairs required and both of which economically significant (fewer costs, fewer penalties, bonuses), the first important result derived from the fact that there were no penalties concerning continuity performances in 2008 and that Acea Distribuzione received a bonus of 7 million euro from the Electricity and Gas Authority.